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Vocals, Bass, Mandolin,  Bass Pedals, Accoustic Guitar

Bob started his career as a guitar player, but soon became addicted to bass. His numerous years of experience as a musician have brought him to play a wide variety of genres from country, folk and all kinds of Rock ‘n Roll.


Bob took part in numerous projects such as Contre Coup, Face Face and Sugar Cane, to name a few.

Bob always likes to incorporate new sound textures and instruments into the mix. You will see him often switching from one instrument to another on stage while singing. A busy man.  

His musical influences are all over the place, but you can’t help thinking about Bob when you hear Pink Floyd on the radio.


Bob's favorite albums:

    1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
    2. Supertramp - Crime of the Century (1974)
    3. Led Zeppelin I (1969)
    4. Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)
    5. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper (1967)

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